Map Name:

Movement Type:
Small Map
Always 6

Number of round wins for victory:

Number of moves per turn:

Number of attacks per turn:

Number of item uses per turn:

Number of event cards per round:

Player Order:
Best Roll
1 - 4
Always Random

Player 1:
P1 Spawn Co-ordinates: X Y (0-9)
P1 Base Health:
P1 Base Damage: Min Max
P1 Base Range (-n to +n): Min Max
P1 Team:

Player 2:
P2 Spawn Co-ordinates: X Y (0-9)
P2 Base Health:
P2 Base Damage: Min Max
P2 Base Range (-n to +n): Min Max
P2 Team:

Player 3:
P3 Spawn Co-ordinates: X Y (0-9)
P3 Base Health:
P3 Base Damage: Min Max
P3 Base Range (-n to +n): Min Max
P3 Team:

Player 4:
P4 Spawn Co-ordinates: X Y (0-9)
P4 Base Health:
P4 Base Damage: Min Max
P4 Base Range (-n to +n): Min Max
P4 Team:

+HP Can Exceed Base HP: